Striped Sippers

I may have become slightly obsessed with stripes (more evidence here). But what can I say? They’re classic, they’re cute, and they’re delightfully customizable. Case in point, when I decided to revamp my bedroom in the 10th grade, I painted my walls in wide horizontal stripes of hot pink and neon orange (similar to the top photo here). But now, as I’m attempting to simplify my decor a bit more, I tend toward more neutral tones and leave the brights for my wardrobe (I could never totally de-bright my life). Still, though, I love stripes.

It’s only natural then that my new love of baking (and subsequently photgraphing my masterpieces) should take on this affinity for striping (not to be confused with stripping. I do not have an affinity for that, currently). And anybody who’s anybody that’s obsessed with food presentation will have seen the adorable barber shop striped straws that seem to be adorning all things drinkable in food-blog-land. It’s true, they make everything look even cuter. I’m even sure that one of these puppies in a huge stein of beer would look cute (dainty ladies, take note).

As a frequent straw sipper myself, I’m obviously going to have to invest in some of these. It may seem silly, but one must look practically at the situation: how else is a girl to make a green protein smoothie look pretty enough to photograph?… Okay, well, maybe a green protein smoothie is destined to never be cute, but the fact still remains that I’m a sucker for packaging, even when I’m packaging something for myself, and plan to consume it 5 minutes later. But actually, there are some great little Etsy shops that sell striped straws, and they’re pretty darn affordable (says even this frugal ex-student). So judge me as you choose, but I’ll be forgoing my Friday morning latte this week in the name of candy-striped straws. This is one Erica who is most certainly not ready to move on to plaid*. Plaid was so 9th grade. I just watched that ad again, and now totally want her striped iPhone case.

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