Personally Stamped


Last week while I was Christmas shopping I decided to pop into one of my new favourite stationary shops, Kikki.K, to take a look at some of the things I could never justify spending money on, even though it’s all pretty awesome. Most of the stuff they have is a bit irrelevant in the technological world (like this really expensive and obsolete day planner), but I came across the above little alphabet stamp set that I immediately fell in love with. It’s no secret that I’m a lover of sending hand-written cards, specifically after a job interview, so it’s only natural that I’m a bit obsessed with making my cards just a little bit more personal.

I love buying quirky cards at little shops like Kikki.K, but I often find that the ones with words are a little boring. I like the idea of using the stamps to spell out a greeting on the front of a blank card, a person’s name, or even just as the first letter on the card’s inside greeting (kind of like the beginning of a chapter in a good book). You can spread the letters out and make them a bit more whimsical for a friendly ‘happy birthday’, or line them up precisely for a ‘thank you’ or something else a bit more formal. Although things in the business world tend to be a bit predictable, I think adding a bit of personalisation to your correspondence is the perfect touch without being too “Hey Mister, I drew you a picture!”. To top it all off, the entire stamp set is only $25, which to me is so reasonable.

Even though I’ve been thinking about buying this set for weeks, I’m still not sure I should. Although I do dream of Martha Stewart-ing everything in my life, I’m worried this might be one of those things that I buy and never use. In my dreams I’d like to be able to craft my own cards from scratch, and I think these ones and these ones made by Emily are pretty sweet, but I’ve also got a lot of other things on my plate right now. I just can’t help but dream of sending out hand-made Christmas cards next year with cute personalised messages written on the front of them. Should I take the plunge? Can you tell I’m looking for a second opinion? If you’re about to tell me no, what about this: how awesome would it be to get a cute little message card in the mail with your name stamped all over it!? Am I just still in 6-year-old craft mode, or does that not sound totally fun?

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