No Riding Boots!


So remember a few weeks ago when I said I was saving up to buy a pair of riding boots? Well, I changed my mind. Because I work at an office all week, boots didn’t seem like a wise investment that I’d get to wear a whole lot, so I set my sights on something I could: ballet flats. And when I think of ballet flats, the only designer that immediately comes to mind is none other than Tory Burch. Tory’s Reva shoes (named after her mum and her classic style – adorable!) are practically their own brand, and in fact have their own section on her website, so while it’s not the most original choice of footwear, it’s one that this little office nugget is stoked about!

Being not much of a designer girl, I had to look up the actual name of the Reva shoe because I was that clueless. I just knew that I loved the style, the little metallic detailing of the Tory logo, and that the shoes just looked so darn comfortable (because if I wanted to wear uncomfortable shoes, I’d just wear heels already). The Revas are ridiculously popular for obvious reasons, and they come in a rainbow of colours to suit anybody’s wardrobe – even better! Or worse, in my case, because I can’t decide on black or nude. Urgh, I’m even obsessed with the navy, I can’t make a choice! Thoughts? I think I like the nude, because it’d look great with dark denim, but the quilted black just oozes coolness. And ooohhh, the merlot coloured suede (which I’m sure I’d ruin in the rain, so that one’s out)!

Clearly I’m pretty indecisive, and this wasn’t helped by my discovering the ton of other amazing ballet flats that Tory Burch makes. Who knew she was such a connoisseur of flats? Since I love the quilted Revas so much, what about these ones instead? The gold toe cap is just so pretty. And if you’re into actual ballet-style flats, what about the Chelsea? I’m obsessed with these ones because green is my absolute favourite colour. If my shopping wasn’t constrained by the fact that I’m looking for multi-occasion shoes, I would stick to strictly casual footwear and definitely pick up an open-toed version of the Tory Burch classic so that I could wear it in summer.

To be honest, I’m not even going to take a look at any of the Tory Burch heels that may be floating around on her website – I don’t think my heart could take it. Realistically, I’m going to drool over all of the above shoes, but I’ll only be buying one pair. Which one would you buy (or have you bought) if you could? I want them to match with my neutrally coloured office attire, so dark/neutral colours are probably my best bet. Lend my your thoughts my friends, I could really use your input!

I have to say, I feel pretty excited about making my first designer purchase. I know that $200+ is kind of expensive for a basic shoe, but given the rate at which I’ve gone through flats in my two years as a working lady, I think it’s a smart investment. Also, considering how uncomfortable and unsupportive my cheaper flats were, it also makes me think that perhaps it’s time to join the big leagues and invest in my personal style as well as the wellbeing of my feet. I should mention though that if you’re in Australia (and maybe Canada/USA too? Can one of you guys up there verify this for me?) and looking for a good and affordable pair of basic flats, Target has a bunch of really great options. I bought these ones, and although they’re not super fashion-y (they’re also not heinous, they’re just meh), they get the job done. They’ve also got nice thick soles so that, unlike most budget flats, you don’t feel like you’re walking down the street in bare feet. At this point though I feel like I’m in a place where I can wisely make the decision to upgrade to something I’m going to have in my closet for a long time, which may cost a bit more than the Target options. For me, these Tory Burch flats will represent my first investment wardrobe piece that I can afford, that I’ve worked hard for, and that I deserve. And every day that I put them on, I will be reminded of those things, and I will feel good. Because that’s what fashion is all about, right?

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