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Quick, what’s the best job perk you can think of? Did you say ‘be your own boss’? If you did, I agree. But I’m actually betting you said ‘unlimited clothing’, right? Because I totally would if you asked me that question. Not all of us can be so lucky (I’ve resorted to funding my closet through math and physics… meh close enough), but for Luke’s sister Megan, the dream is a major envy-inducing reality. In 2015 Megan launched Meluri, her online mecca for all things beautiful and bright, and the site finally officially launched earlier this year! So basically, every weekend I go visit Luke’s parents, I get to stare at the absolutely amazing clothing that arrives at their doorstep before it gets sorted and uploaded to the online shop.

I’ve been dying to write about Meluri for some time now, but I wanted to wait until Megan got some of the launch kinks sorted out before I did. Her taste in clothing is so impeccable, and it’s awesome to know that any time I need a fancy dress for a special occasion, Meluri’s got me covered. And lucky for the rest of Australia, Megan’s got you covered too: free shipping and free returns/exchanges – that is unheard of where I’m from! Heck, we’ve got Victoria’s Secret in Canada and they still charge minimum $30 shipping! What is that about? But back to Meluri.

Megan’s shop is curated especially with our demographic in mind (that is, women aged 18-50), with lots of bright and colourful clothing, like these pants and this skirt (which I own now!),  that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. But the thing I love is that she’s stocked some really amazing neutral pieces that just have such interesting details, like this shirt and  this blazer’s back detailing. I’ve been wanting to pick that one up for months, damn budget! Also, I own this Pink Stitch maxi dress, and it is my favourite dress ever. If you could see Megan’s wardrobe, you’d understand why her shop is so amazing – the girl’s closet is a fashion outlet in itself, and makes me seriously wish I was her size.

You wanna know the cutest thing about Meluri though? The name. First of all, how cool does Meluri sound? It may seem like a made up word (or a town in India, if you know your geography ridiculously well), but it’s actually a name created from Megan, Luke, and their other brother Rick’s names. Seriously, how adorable is that! It just brings it all back to the fact that it’s a massively cool (and insanely well stocked) business that is local and pretty much family run. Megan works so hard to make sure that her customers get their orders on time, true to size, and best of all, with free shipping. Major love from this budget babe on that one (not that I need to get my orders shipped at all).

Currently the shop only ships to Australian addreses, and you can find Meluri on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too (although, give it a few weeks, as she’s still getting everything set up). Even better, Meluri is opening up an actual shopfront location on the Main Street in Mornington, so if you’re in Melbourne or on the Mornington Peninsula you’ll be able to browse her perfectly curated collection of clothes in real life.

As someone whose friends have always worked in corporate office jobs, I find it so interesting to watch Megan and her entrepreneurial skills at work with Meluri. She’s turned her love of (and talent for) fashion into her full time job, and as a career-lady myself, I think that’s awesome. I also love that I will never be without something to wear! So Aussie girls, make sure to check out Meluri’s website, as Megan’s constantly uploading new stock that I know you’ll all love. And if you’re keen for a sale, summer stock is marked down too! If you’re a Melbourne girl like me, I’ll keep you posted on the brick and mortar store opening status, but until then is open 24/7 just fo youuuu. Hooray!

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