Lip Service


In elementary school, my mother bought me my very first BonneBell chapstick, and it smelled like grape bubblegum. I remember staring at it and thinking ‘if I just ate this right now, what are the odds that mum would find out? If I tell her I lost it, will she get me another one?’. Luckily, I was too afraid that she wouldn’t, and talked myself off of the ledge of chapstick consumption (my sister, however, ate a good number of lipsticks before also reaching this point in her life. She’d probably appreciate me adding that she was about 2 years old–she only eats human food now). But that single grape chapstick sparked something in me, and I became a woman obsessed with lip products; I even had a case of 15 glittery glosses (how late-90s of me) that I carried around every day in middle school. I’ve actually never gotten over my lip gloss infatuation, but have thankfully since retired the glitter lips of 2016.

Despite the most comprehensive arsenal of lip products imaginable, I’ve struggled this past year with dry/chapped and peeling lips, something a lip gloss aficionado like myself can hardly bear. I’ve tried scrubs and peels and super-medicated balms, but nothing was helping my ailing kisser. The best result came from a home made scrub (recipe here) that worked really well, but wasn’t very portable for away-from-home use (it’s also kind of messy, to be frank). Recently though, I was perusing my local Lush store, and the sales lady gave me a sample of their Mint Julips sugar scrub–hallelujah, it works!

The scrub (which comes in three flavours) is sugar based and hardcore grainy, which is exactly what I desperately wanted. Did I mention it’s sugar based, and tastes delicious? After all my searching, this is the only product I found that had the grain-to-moisturizer ratio required to get my smooth lips back. In nerd-speak, I needed more scrubbing happening per square millimetre of my mouth. Exfoliation: it’s all about the math, yo.

The moral of this story is that I’ve finally found something that works. Even better, it’s quick, portable, and only cost me about 10 bucks. So if you too are struggling with the wintery air that’s harassing your mouth, I urge you to give this stuff a try. Or, if this super-scrub is too harsh for you, I can also recommend this or this, which I’ve tried and loved in the past. Anyhow, I know I’m no beauty blogger, but there are some elements of personal care that remain relevant to the working girl’s professional life too, because appearances do matter. This time around, that means no bleeding or chapped lips (ew). And if you don’t believe that, well… I think it’s still a perfectly legitimate justification for my never-ending infatuation with oral care. Come on, a little lip service never hurt anyone.

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