Choose the Right Floor Jack for You


When it comes to using a floor jack, it may seem difficult if you don’t know the difference between floor jacks. For some people, it’s a matter of considering their needs and vehicle. For others, it’s a matter of their skill set.

Types of Floor Jacks
Before selecting a floor jack that fits your needs, you need to understand the different types of floor jacks.

A scissor jack is designed for roadside assistance, such as replacing a flat tire. Scissor jacks are often made available to someone when they purchase a car, stored with the spare tire. Scissor jacks require the turning of a lever to lift the car.

A hydraulic jack is for at home uses, such as rotating tires, changing oil, or any other at home auto repairs. They are often put on wheels and can lift a car easily with the pumping of a lever. If you’re looking to do at home repairs to your vehicle, a hydraulic jack is a lot easier and more efficient for repairs underneath your car.

A bottle jack, another form of a hydraulic jack, is ideal for any car with a high clearance, such as an SUV. These jacks are shaped like a whiskey bottle, and are smaller than the hydraulic jack.

A hi-lift jack is reserved for higher vehicles and farm equipment. If you’re dealing with a very high clearance truck, then a hi-lift jack may be best for you.

Your Vehicle
Are you dealing with a vehicle that constantly needs quick repairs that you can make at home? Do you have a high clearance truck or SUV? Knowing your type of vehicle will help you determine what sort of jack you need.

If you’ve got any regular car or truck, a hydraulic or scissor jack will suit you just fine. If you have a higher clearance, then you’ll need a hi-lift jack. Motorcycles have their own unique floor jack as well.

Your Needs
How often do you wish to repair your car yourself? If you aren’t looking to change your own oil or get underneath your car, than the standard scissor jack will do best.

However, if you’re looking to make a few repairs every now and then, it’s best to invest in a better floor jack. A best hydraulic floor jack is ideal for anyone looking to do oil changes or similar repairs on their cars or trucks. A bottle jack is best to pick if you’re making those kinds of repairs on SUVs or higher clearance vehicles.

Knowing your needs and vehicle, as well as the type of floor jacks, will help you make the right decision. There’s no need to invest in a floor jack that doesn’t fit your needs, especially if you’re rarely looking to use one. However, any under the vehicle repairs should be considered dangerous and investing in a safer and better floor jack should always be the most important thing. It’s easy to decide what floor jack is best for you once you know the requirements that you need to meet.

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