Lip Service

In elementary school, my mother bought me my very first BonneBell chapstick, and it smelled like grape bubblegum. I remember staring at it and thinking ‘if I just ate this right now, what are the odds that mum would find out? If I tell her I lost it, will she get me another one?’. Luckily, I[…]

Striped Sippers

Striped Sippers

I may have become slightly obsessed with stripes (more evidence here). But what can I say? They’re classic, they’re cute, and they’re delightfully customizable. Case in point, when I decided to revamp my bedroom in the 10th grade, I painted my walls in wide horizontal stripes of hot pink and neon orange (similar to the[…]


No Riding Boots!

So remember a few weeks ago when I said I was saving up to buy a pair of riding boots? Well, I changed my mind. Because I work at an office all week, boots didn’t seem like a wise investment that I’d get to wear a whole lot, so I set my sights on something[…]


Personally Stamped

Last week while I was Christmas shopping I decided to pop into one of my new favourite stationary shops, Kikki.K, to take a look at some of the things I could never justify spending money on, even though it’s all pretty awesome. Most of the stuff they have is a bit irrelevant in the technological[…]